SEO For Lawyers: Why Every Firm Needs It

SEO For Lawyers

In the last six years we have seen a substantial amount of growth when it comes to companies investing time and money in search engine optimization. SEO, as we call it, has been a focal point for marketing professionals across multiple different industries. Every company wants one main thing when it comes to SEO. “How can our business rank higher on Google?”

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3 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your eCommerce

We hear you don’t think your eCommerce site has a place on social media? Think again. Three out of four people now make purchases online according to a report from ezibedit

Online purchasing and eCommerce has boomed over the past two years thanks to newer digital marketing trends and tactics like Google AdWords, social advertising and strong SEO strategies.

Social media has now opened a gateway of opportunities for eCommerce companies. Here are three tips that will boost your eCommerce presence right away.

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