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Twitter is so cool. It’s seriously so cool. Twitter is 140 characters of getting straight to the point. There’s no fluff. Its purpose is to be quick, simple, and for constant conversation. Whether you’re throwing out a quick tip, a how-to, or linking out to an interesting article, Twitter is the place to be.

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Three Tools Every Digital Marketer Needs

digitaltoolboxIn today’s digital age, marketers wear a multitude of different hats. Marketing professionals are now expected to be diverse with advertising on multiple digital platforms, constant content creation, tracking and reporting on relevant metrics and data, being responsible for brand management, and last but not least, being the front line contact for your brand’s online engagement.

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Why You Should Be On Instagram

instagram-marketing-Typically, Instagram has a stigma where it’s only for Millennials, kids, and our younger generation. But it’s actually a very useful social platform for businesses and companies to utilize. Millennials are the top people to market to because they will spend over $1 trillion this year alone. With this generation heavily using Instagram, why wouldn’t you want to promote on it?

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The Case for Social Media Listening and Analytics

Today, social media monitoring and analysis tools are used to monitor for brand reputation, customer sentiment and marketing effectiveness. Tapping into the social web to uncover operational issues is another powerful use case of listening. Such a highly targeted approach to social media listening underpins the real revolution of web monitoring – the ability to monitor for topical discussions across a vast consumer base to understand needs.

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