The Other Clear Winner of Super Bowl 50

One of the services we provide to organizations is the ability to tap into Facebook Topic Data. Facebook Topic Data shows marketers what audiences are saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects and activities, all in a way that keeps personal information private. At iWeSocial, we use this information to help our clients make better decisions about how they market on Facebook.

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How Social Media Can Boost Your PR

10 years ago we got our breaking news from radio and TV. Remember being glued to the television when a big news story broke?

Today, the tables have completely turned. We all know how social media has changed the marketing forefront, but it doesn’t get enough credit about how it changed the whole entire public relations industry.

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Social Media Services Every Business Should Consider

Should my company and brand be on social media? Should we invest in digital marketing? What kind of social media services does my company need?”

That’s the million-dollar question that many companies, from multiple different industries, have asked themselves the past five years. “Should my company invest in social media?” Online marketing for many brands has not only became a critical piece of their overarching marketing strategy, but it has now evolved into a marketing necessity.

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SEO For Lawyers: Why Every Firm Needs It

SEO For Lawyers

In the last six years we have seen a substantial amount of growth when it comes to companies investing time and money in search engine optimization. SEO, as we call it, has been a focal point for marketing professionals across multiple different industries. Every company wants one main thing when it comes to SEO. “How can our business rank higher on Google?”

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