And you thought Coors was the Official Beer of the Rockies?

You better think again. Breweries are almost as popular as that green stuff that became legal a few years ago and now is clogging up our infrastructure, housing market, mountains, etc. Whoops, got off course.

Breweries are so popular nowadays that one needs to put them into different market segments. Small, medium and large, but not in terms of annual revenue; I am talking social media presence.

While I was on the C470 parking lot the other day, I heard commercials promoting the importance of having a website to represent a brand. Are you kidding me? Website? Did I just time travel back about 16 or so years (Damn, I wish!)? If your organization doesn’t have a web presence by now, just call it a day and visit one of the many breweries soon to be listed in this rudimentary version of a blog.

Areas of focus in 2016 and beyond should be one’s social media presence. If you don’t have one by now, well, you’re down, but not out. Some local breweries are current with 2016’s social media presence while some have graduated from template-based websites to dipping their feet in the social media pool.

We took a look at Denver-based breweries and categorized them based on social media presence. You can clearly see many of them understand the importance of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And some don’t; not yet, anyways.

brewery graph 1

Seemingly, most appear to be taking off. However, compared to these powerhouses, there’s always room for improvement.

brewery graph 2

Now, I understand some of these have been around for a while and had time to build a brand presence across multiple media channels. However, they also understand the necessity of a social media push. They also understand the importance of engaging with our Generation Y friends. In my opinion (perhaps a few of you might agree too), Craft Beer = Millennials = Social Media.

And here come the heavyweights…

brewery graph 3

The point is this: Breweries are becoming increasingly popular. With popularity, so does the challenge of being competitive within your target market. Having a social media presence is vital. Even Blue Moon, Coors and New Belgium had to start somewhere. Clearly, it’s working for them (and even they could utilize Instagram a little more). It’s working for the Great Divide Brewing Company, Epic Brewing, Breckenridge Brewery and others.

If some breweries are satisfied with just a website, perhaps they need to start drinking their own product, and a lot of it because there will be plenty of supply and minimal demand.

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*Note: data based on May 23, 2016