Monitor and Discover more than just #hashtags. Let keywords, URLs, topics, social handles and more lead you to the conversation. Finding and understanding the conversation surrounding your brand, your competitors and more makes acting on the insights a breeze.
Perfect Platform for:
These are just a few of the business types that stand to benefit the most from Stream.

PR & Communications

Whether your firm represents businesses or individuals, Stream will allow you to monitor all the conversations about all the brands your agency represents in real-time. Head off a crisis before it picks up steam, or watch for positive sentiment and conversations to help you build you your campaigns. Never has crisis management, responsiveness, and brand protection been so easy and this fast. Track one brand, or even multiple brands and personalities so you can fend off or disrupt a potentially damaging or trending discussion that is happening now. Avert a PR crisis with a click of the mouse.

News Outlets & Reporters

Stream allows for news agencies and reporters to find trending stories and articles as they are happening. Be able to report on breaking news as it happens, or find topics in your niche as the conversations are taking shape. Target specific conversations by keyword, names, topics, geography, and much more to find the breaking story as it is happening across social media, or around the web. Maybe you're a sports reporter covering a specific team. Listen to those conversations specific about your team, and also be able to focus on influencers within your industry who are talking right now.

Regional Restaurant Groups

Are you worried about missing a post or article about your restaurant that is in a negative light? With Stream you can target conversations about your brand as they happen so you can avoid a harmful incident spreading virally across social media or the web. Alert your team, and prepare your response to any potential crisis. Did someone get sick, or perhaps someone complained that the bathrooms are not clean. Whatever the reason for negative sentiment or comments, you can find these conversations as they happen and avoid a major PR disaster.

Big Events

Have a concert or big trade show that you want to listen in to what people are saying as the conversations are happening? With Stream, you can get an immediate sense of the sentiment, positive or negative, about your big event so you can be sure that everything is running smoothly. Are attendees compaining about a lack of beverages on the floor or something else? Respond and take action immediately and fix what is driving the negative conversations.
Perfect for PR and Communications agencies, big events, news outlets, reporters, politicians, and regional restaurant and hospitality chains. The discovery component of Stream can be critical to finding new topics as they occur or even reaching the negative dicussions about your brand or clients in real-time to avoid or derail a crisis before it catches momoentum. Control crises from one centralized platform, built with you in mind. How so? The iWeSocial Stream interface was built by social geniuses that do what you do, and know what you need. To discover conversations all over the web and social media as they happen, but also Stream gives you the ability to respond directly to those converastions immeditely that can impact your brand or your clients' brand. Be more proactive and less reactive.


iWeSocial Stream makes it easy to see if you are ahead of your competition. Setup a new monitor and track all the social mentions of your competitors and know instantly how you can leverage your social media to outpace even the most prestigious competitors.


iWeSocial Stream mobile alerts will monitor for both large positive or negative spikes in mentions, helping monitor the sentiment of real-time events or to protect you from major disasters when you're away from the office.


Nothing is more important than your brand's reputation and what people saying about it. When there is a potential crisis, don't make it worse by being late to the game. See negative sentiment as it happens and engage in real time.
Intuitive analysis that you don't have to read. Chances are, you manage a social audience that demands the right message, at the right time, on the right channel, with the perfect blend of marketing genius and real-speak social etiquette. If you don't know anything about your audience, it's safe to say that you aren't hitting the social sweetspot.


Easily engage in the conversation and reply, quote, favorite and link to those mentions that surround you and your brand. Stay on top of the conversation, or join an existing one.


Monitor all your social channels in one platform. Discover the greatest source of engagement and the channel driving the buzz.


Social without borders. Don't be left guessing when you get brand mentions in one of the 24 languages that NUVI monitors.
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