SEO For Lawyers: Why Every Firm Needs It

SEO For Lawyers

In the last six years we have seen a substantial amount of growth when it comes to companies investing time and money in search engine optimization. SEO, as we call it, has been a focal point for marketing professionals across multiple different industries. Every company wants one main thing when it comes to SEO. “How can our business rank higher on Google?”

We are firm believers that any company, in any industry, can truly benefit from a strong SEO strategy, but some professions, more than others, rely on great SEO.

Lawyers are always on high demand. It’s been reported by Lawyernomics, that 21.9% of clients looking for a lawyer start with a search engine. Which, if you think about it, this data makes total sense. Someone who needs legal help, needs it on their time and schedule, and mostly has an urgent need and time-frame. That’s why it’s hard for lawyers and attorneys to advertise directly to the general public.

So for companies in really niche markets, like the legal industry, a strong SEO presence for lawyers is a must. Listed below are three ways we are seeing lawyers improving their SEO.

Optimized Website

It is critical for anyone wanting to see good ROI from SEO, that they have an optimized website. A successful SEO campaign must start with a strong foundation, and your digital foundation is your website. Since your website is where you will be directing traffic, you need to make sure you have high-quality content on the page you’re driving traffic to. Make sure your site is optimized with quality backlinks, images, title and header tags, and the correct site maps.

Your website is your digital introduction to a new client. This is where you introduce them for the first time to your brand. You want to make sure your client’s first experience with you is simple and smooth. To find out more about having an optimized website click here.

SEO for Lawyers

Targeting Specific Local Keywords

Believe it or not, the digital marketing realm in the legal world is highly competitive. In order to truly stand out online, you need to establish your business as a brand, and not just another “law firm”. (We highly recommend every company should try and establish a strong and engaging brand. Not just lawyers).

A great way to start generating some traffic right away, is targeting keywords. It might be best when first starting out to target keywords that will get local traffic. There are two big benefits to targeting local keywords right off the bat. It will automatically be cheaper and less competitive, and you are targeting people in your region. For instance, if your firm is located in Denver, you will want to target specific location based keyword phrases such as Denver Lawyer, Best Lawyer in Denver CO, and maybe Top Divorce Lawyer in Denver. The more specific, or longer-tailed, your keyword is the easier it will be to rank faster for that term or phrase. It will much easier to rank for “Top Ranked Small Business Lawyer for Bankruptcy” than it will be for “Denver Lawyer”. This is where the research and data by a knowledgeable SEO company comes into play.

Set SEO Strategy Goals for your Law Firm

Any good digital marketer should help you set goals before you launch your campaign. Have a goal in mind for your law firm. Write down who you think a good target audience is. Have expert help on your side. And last but not least- Have a way to measure your return on investment when it comes to your SEO strategy.

When you have a strong SEO strategy in place, the goal should be about converting your website visitors, not just getting “more” traffic. Gaining new and more traffic to your website is certainly a benefit for a couple reasons. One, you are exposing your brand and office to people who would not have otherwise known about you. Lastly, new traffic is a ranking signal to Google…more traffic tells Google that your site has some authority and will increase your rankings accordingly. Traffic begets more traffic.


SEO is a complex digital tactic that takes time and a strong strategy to implement. The benefits of SEO are huge and well worth it. SEO will ultimately not just enhance your digital presence, it will enhance your whole brand by generating qualified online traffic. After all, your time is best spent taking care of your clients, not trying to rank ahead of your competitors. Leave that part to us.

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