Twitter about to introduce Twitter stickers

In an announcement late yesterday, Twitter announced on their blog a new feature they are calling #stickers. It looks very similar to what you can already do on Snapchat, and for the time being is only being released on the Twitter mobile app. Snapchat has taken this cartoon customization one step farther by being able to add these sticker elements to videos as well. You can watch the demo of how it works on the GIF file below:

Twitter Stickers
Twitter Stickers

Twitter stickers plays catchup to Snapchat

Twitter is certainly trying to do what it can to stay relevant with an added dimension of playfulness, but also capitalizing on the fervor around widespread use of other graphical style elements such as emojis. But Twitter is playing catch up in this realm. Twitter announced earlier this year that advertisers can target users based on emoji use. Such as targeting pizza parlors or pizza lovers who use the pizza emoji in their posts. Twitter also reported that since 2014, more than 110 billion emojis have been tweeted. One can only assume advertisers will soon be able to target sticker users and sticker types as well.

Twitter humor makes sense for some businesses

If you are a business that likes to take a humorous tone in your postings, utilizing this new feature will be certainly something worth testing engagement numbers against photos with no sticker in your own feed to see if it makes sense for your social media efforts and goals. And even though Twitter is late to the sticker party, we certainly like things that make Twitter more playful, fun, and humorous. And we always recommend using images in your tweets. Let’s just see how this plays out this summer.


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